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Our wicks are 100% cotton to give you the cleanest burn possible! 

To make sure you have the correct size wick, simple measure across the widest part of your candle jar to find the diameter. Then pick the size wick that matches your measurement. 

If you have a larger candle simple use multiple wicks.

Please email us with any questions you have & we are happy to help you find the correct size.

Sizes are as follows:

#44 (2") 5 wicks 

#51 (3") 5 wicks

#60 (4") 5 wicks

#62 (4.5"-5") 5 wicks 

#RRD29 (2" Short Votive Wick) 10 wicks 

T Lite Packages come with - 25 T-Lite Tins & 25 T Lite wicks.

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